Nike Total 90 Laser Boots

Nike has recently released a remake of the total 90 boot of 2007. They are limited to 2,000 pairs and feature some of Nikes newest Technologies.

nike total 90 laser

The Total 90 is back, this time in the form of Nike Total 90 Laser boots. The recognizable silhouette makes its return since its release in 2007 and favored by strikers both professional and Sunday league alike. Unfortunately for the majority of us these are limited to 2,000 Pairs so be prepared to pay resale prices if you don’t act fast!

These boots have been recreated with some of the best technology that Nike has to offer. This means that if have a soft spot for a classic but also love the new tech that Nike has produced over the last 12 years then you could be in luck with these.

nike total 90 laser sole

Technology on the new Total 90s

When looking at the construction of the boot the upper mostly stays true to the original in terms of its overall look as well as the materials used. Where the first change comes is on the sole plate of these as they use the one that features on both the Phantom Venom and the Hypervenom 3, Impressive really.

Some more tech features present on these new remakes are a soft and durable KNG-100 upper, E-Vent membrane, Heel cushioning, Molded sock liner, a Hyper-Reactive plate and Chevron studs.

tops of nike total 90 laser

Electric Looks

Let’s get onto the looks of these boots then, and I can’t help but say they really are lookers. I’ll start off with the electric yellow colour that these come in and personally, I think they look fantastic. Out of all the colours they went for on these I think the yellow, black & hint of red was a great choice.

Another top design feature of these boots that you might actually not have spotted yet is one the sole. Nike has included a skeletal footprint on the bottom, and it looks great. In addition to this, the unit number out of 2,000 that you have purchased is also imprinted on the heel plate which really is a nice touch from Nike.

side shot of nike total 90 laser

Overalls Impressions

I quite simply love these boots. Nike has made some great changes to bring the classic design up to speed with the modern market. In doing so they have created a fantastic looking boot that I’m sure any player or collector would love to own. However, due to them being limited to 2,000 pair and with a price of £210 I don’t think I’ll be fighting to pick a pair up just for the sake of nostalgia. For more sportswear reviews head over to Rhino Fitness to see what else they’d recommend.