Could Arsene Wenger opt for one last hurrah as Paris Saint Germain manager?

After retiring in 2018 we thought we'd seen the last of Arsene Wenger but you can't help but speculate that he's got more to give. With the French giants failing to produce in the Champions League there is every chance that Wenger might think about leaving retirement for a once in a lifetime job opportunity like PSG.

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Things have been topsy-turvy at Arsenal for some time, and it was expected to hit a fork in the road eventually with Arsene Wenger standing as manager for over two decades. He was the reason behind three league titles and seven FA Cup wins for the club, which will have him in the club’s history books for the years to come, but any signs of consistency lately are readily met with an unwelcome sense of disappointment.

Allowing Alexis Sanchez to leave the club and join rivals Manchester United hinted at elements of The Gunners’ past failings, where they notably allowed Robin van Persie to join the North Westerly club and gave a handful of key players away to Manchester City. With history looking to repeat itself, it’s hard not to question if Arsene Wenger should hang up his hat and whether a return to France would be his first option.

Would Wenger be what PSG need?

Aside from his extremely slim odds to remain at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger is currently priced at odds of 10/1 to take over as PSG manager should anything happen to the future of Thomas Tuchel, who hasn’t seemed to produce results in the Champions League since taking over in 2018. Previous manager Emery was compared to Wenger for his ability to turn a profit whilst chasing silverware, balancing the books whilst keeping fans happy through a reasonable level of trophy wins, this could be what PSG need to get back.

An originally ambitious vision of Paris Saint Germain winning all of Europe’s top competitions on offer has skyrocketed in every season they’ve played, and Arsene Wenger’s influence as one of France’s most successful football managers is enough for them to be tempted by his potential tenure as manager of the club. He originally managed Nancy and Monaco, but with it surely being his fifth and final managerial role, it would make the most sense for him to take on France’s current title champions, as he no longer has time to dillydally.

Although the thought of Wenger being rewarded with a vast array of top-class players in a side as truly exciting as PSG, the only thing that holds back any certainty of this, is how his morals would contrast to the way in which the Paris-based side do their business, as he’s always prided himself on spending less than the amount he made, and not dominating a league through money alone. His admirably impenetrable integrity could halt any final chance at glory, but it would arguably be preferable to see Arsene Wenger show his fullest potential just one last time.