Which Players Need To Leave United This Summer

We look at one Manchester United fans tweet where he's ranked players that need to leave in the summer transfer window and give our opinions on each

ashley young

Unless you’ve not been on twitter today you might not have noticed a viral tweet going around that one Manchester United fan posted following his teams 4-0 pumping by Everton at the Weekend.

In the tweet, he looks at the current Man Utd team and gives his opinions on all the players in the team ahead of the summer transfer window. This has caused United fans to debate his choices throughout the day through a host of comments and quote tweets.

I’ll post the tweet below if you haven’t seen it I’ll post it below and give my opinions on each of his choices below.


It’s a well-known fact that David De Gea has been Manchester United’s best player for a number of seasons now. The Spaniard has been a crucial asset for a number of seasons now and has no doubt established himself as one of if not the best goalkeepers in the world with the likes of Manuel Neuer & Thibaut Courtois (Although questionable as of late!).

There is currently talk that De Gea is not happy with his contract demands not being met and there has been no confirmation whether or not he will sign a new contract going forward. Losing him, especially on a free transfer, could be devastating for the club and he would certainly be extremely hard (and costly) to replace.

He deserves his own tier here, he’s far above anyone else in the team.

World Class

Next up and another player tier with just one player in is the ‘World Class’ tier. The original poster has put French international and world cup winner Paul Pogba in this tier.

Do I agree with this? No, I don’t. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Pogba is a fantastic player…when he wants to be. For a player to be world class they have to be a stand out performer in every game, Pogba for United at least hasn’t been that player. He goes missing far too often and doesn’t perform anywhere near what he’s capable off.

Solskjaer has said that he wants to build his team around Pogba but I don’t think his mind is in Manchester anymore. I truly believe that his heart is set on a move away and I think that if an offer comes in United should cash out on him and buy players that want to be there and can produce consistent quality performances week on week.


In this section, he’s put his first bulk of players from the squad. The first we’ll look at is Rashford. He’s been questionable as of late missing chances that he’s proven capable of scoring in the past. However, he’s one of their own and has great potential that he will probably still be able to fulfill in the future.

After a shaky start Lindelöf has begun to step up to the mark for United with him quickly becoming Solskjaers first-choice center back. The Swede still has a lot of potential too and should be playing next year. Luke Shaw is similar in the regards that he’s definitely the starting left back for the side and plays to a good standard. He can also be one of the only bright sparks for United going forward when fit.

Martial is a questionable one for being so high up. He is a good player but and one of the best attackers at the club but I feel ‘class’ is overstating his abilities although he has managed to bag 10 goals this season to date.

Squad Players

This section looks pretty spot on personally. Sergio Romero has to be the best back up keeper in the league and would probably start at most other clubs if he were to leave. Andreas Pereira, Fred, McTominay also have their places in the squad and can provide moments of brilliance as well as reliability when called upon.

Love or hate Lingard you can’t deny that he’s capable of playing so quality and frankly surprising football at times. Look at him during the world cup for example when he was instrumental in England’s campaign scoring some cracking goals.

The last player here is Eric Bailly started the season well but after an injury has put in some questionable performances and it will remain to be seen if he can come back stronger next year. I don’t think he has a place as starting center back but definitely a capable player

Good Potential

The United youth academy has produced some amazing talent over the years, their own Paul Pogba is a prime example of that. These players are still young so it’s had to talk about performances so far, regardless none of them should be let go of, not yet anyway.

Dingo Dalot has performed very well when he has played for the side this season and could see himself being the starting left back for the foreseeable. It’ll depend on what the manager has planned for the club as an experienced defense is something that will be important next year.

Chong, Greenwood & Gomez all have great potential even though when they’ve played they haven’t been able to produce anything particularly special as of yet.

Need Selling and Replacing

Probably the main section in this diagram and certainly the largest. The players that United should get rid of either for a host of reasons.

In here there are players that Solskjaer should be looking to get rid of simply because of age, these players are Mata, Valencia, Herrera & Matic. All of them have been great servants to the club but recently haven’t proved that they can play at the standard required for one of the top clubs in English football. It’s time for them to throw the towel in and free up funds and positions for new younger players.

Two players that are not in there due to age are Sanchez and Lukaku. I’ll start by mentioning Sanchez and his quite simply ridiculous wage bill said to be something like £500,000 a week. Paying that much for a player that has delivered next to nothing on the pitch and spends most of his time warming the bench is a complete waste of time. United need to get rid of him somehow in my opinion but it’s going to be very hard to get someone that will meet his wage demands. Lukaku has also been poor this season and has failed to live up to the high price tag the club played. Sell him, buy someone that is a proven striker and doesn’t have a trampoline for a foot.

Just need to leave at any cost

We’ll start with Phil Jones, there is no way this man should still be playing Premier League football, nevermind for a club in the top 6. He’s not capable of providing the security united need at that back of the park and won’t have a place in the team if new defensive signings are made. Smalling, on the other hand, has put in a good shift as of late but like Jones will have no place in the team when new defensive signings are made.

Ashley Young

Giving this man his own section is supposed to be a joke but in all seriousness, it’s time for him to leave. Young’s performances recently have been abysmal. During their recent champions league fixtures against Barca, it’s almost like they didn’t feel the need to mark him as every time he got the ball he whipped a ball into no one. He needs to go, his time at United is done.