As the season has finished, we thought we’d take a look at the Premier League Kits from this season. There were some pretty nice kits this year but unfortunately, there were some that didn’t quite do it for us. We take a look at these below and give our options on the worst to the best Premier League kits of the 2018/19 season.

20) Brighton

brighton kit

This year’s Brighton kit tops my list as the worst kit this year. The three simple lines down the front of the shirt aren’t at all visually pleasing and the fact that the colour of the sponsor’s logo doesn’t match the other blues on the shirt just makes me dislike the shirt even more.

19) Fulham

fulham kit

This kit although clean and minimalist still doesn’t do enough for me to rank any higher on our list. I feel they could have gone with a more interesting design at the beginning of the year to mark their return to the Premier League.

18) Manchester City

man city kit

It might surprise some of you that I’ve put the Premier League champions kit so low on my list. I like the fact that they’ve tried something a bit different however I don’t think they’ve pulled it off well on this occasion. The single button design just doesn’t look quite right to me and although the colour contract on the shoulders looks great, I just can’t like past the overall design. Having a collar on this shirt would have increased it’s looks 4-fold.

17) Cardiff City

cardiff city

I don’t actually think this kit is too bad. It’s extremely clean and the subtle stripes that go across the shirt help to add a bit of character to it. However, they can only add so much and I think for me there’s not enough going on with the kit for it to beat out any of the other kits I’ve got on this list.

16) Newcastle

newcastle kit

Another one that I don’t hate, it’s a classic Newcastle design and I like the subtle stripes on the shoulders. The Gold puma badge does just enough to stand out on the shirt too however, the sponsor completely ruins the shirt for me on this one. If they had a sponsor with a smarter logo, they could definitely be lower down on this list.

15) Southampton

Southampton kit

Just beating out the Newcastle shirt for me, the Southampton shirt I feel is one of their best in the last few years. It sticks with the stripes design other clubs have used but have still managed to change it up a bit by adding solid red across the shoulders. The Virgin sponsor also fits this kit perfectly with it seamlessly blending in with the stripes. Even the way that they’ve added ample space for the under-armour logo is impressive.

14) Burnley

burnley kit

The Burnley kit is true to design once again with the colour scheme being used fitting the shirt perfectly. One of the main features that have made me put this lower down the posit is the fact that they’ve included a slight gradient pattern on the centre of the kit. Top marks for trying something different and I think they’ve pulled it off well. Shame the sponsor goes right across the middle of it and ruins it completely.

13) Huddersfield

Huddersfield kit

Although Huddersfield have been awful this season, their shirt hasn’t been that bad. I think this is a very well-designed shirt again, the strips being evenly spaced and meeting the solid blue shoulders.

12) Manchester United

man united kit

This year’s United kit has been better than in previous years but is still nothing to shout about. The main feature on this kit is the way the black at the bottom fades into the red, this is done well and mixes it up from just a plain red shirt. The sponsor ruins this one again for me although it’s not the worst case we’ve seen so far.

11) Leicester City

leicester city

Beating out the United kit and just missing the top 10 is Leicester Citys. The Foxes kit is definitely a nice one and with the colour and design being smart and clean. The sponsor also fits well on the shirt and overall it’s a quality shirt. Shame there are some I favour slightly more.

10) Chelsea

chelsea kit

Chelsea’s kit is different than anything else we’ve seen in the league this year. They’ve gone with an all blue design with a slightly darker blue on the shoulders. In addition to this, the design team have also included red and white lines across the kit and the colour of these fit in really well with the main sponsor on the front.

9) Everton

everton kit

Everton produced a great looking kit for this season just gone. They’ve gone with the solid blue design all over the kit but added some great white accents. The white collar looks great on this shirt as does the Umbro logos wrapped around the arms. Both the arm sponsor and chest sponsor fit in really well with the design also.

8) Crystal Palace

crystal palace kit

Last seasons iteration is one of the strongest kits they’ve produced in recent years. The colour combination on this kit looks fantastic especially the way the red fades out at the bottom. The Puma logo doesn’t look out of place on this one and the subtle yellow trim compliments the shirt well.

7) West Ham

west ham kit

West Ham have one of the cleanest kits this season although it’s a standard Umbro design the way they’ve put their own stamp on it works extremely well. The subtle stripes and the sponsor look great on this one.

6) Bournemouth

Bournemouth kit

Another Umbro kit and although it’s the standard design again they’ve done a good job of keeping it simple. The club crest is well placed between the stripes and the gold trim really tops it off. That together with the colours on the sponsor matching the rest of the kit produces a strong design

5) Watford

watford kit

Something about watfords kit just works. The vertical stripes are perfectly symmetrical and aren’t overpowering. I’m glad they decided to black out the arms instead of continuing the stripes as that would have been overkill and compliments the Adidas lines on the shoulders. The tree colours used on the kit work together really well and make for the first kit in my top five.

4) Tottenham

spurs kit

Although simple, Spurs’ kit featured a great design last season. The best part has to be the blue fading up into the white from the bottom of the kit. Colours wise the blue and white is perfectly complemented by the red ‘AIA’ sponsor logo creating one of the most satisfying kits we’ve seen this year.

3) Arsenal

arsenal kit

Arsenal are one of the only clubs that have varied the kit a lot different than the standard manufacturers kit. The gradient used on the kit work really well with the darker red on the chest panel. Furthermore, the white running from the arms over the shoulders and into the collar is a was a great choice from the designer in my opinion.

2) Liverpool

liverpool kit

Liverpool are the only Premier League club to work with New Balance last season and design wise it was a good move for them. The collar on this shirt really changes the look of it and definitely for the better. Colours wise the simple red and white fit together extremely well in the badge and sponsor.

1) Wolves

wolves kit

My number one kit from last season has to be Wolves one. The orange, black and grey fit together extremely well on this one and they haven’t done any more than they needed to. The sponsor fits extremely well on this shirt with the gradient adding to the overall design.

Hopefully next season we see some kits of a similar calibre to this year and from what we’ve seen of the early releases it’s going to be difficult to choose our favouite.