mourinho poch

I’m sure by now you’re probably aware that Tottenham Hotspur have seen to the sacking of Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino after an impressive 2002 days at the club.

Potentially a mistake?

There is no doubt that Pochettino is a fantastic manager and has done good things for Spurs financially. Unfortunately, financial stability isn’t going to win trophy’s, something Tottenham fans have been desperately longing for over the past few years. After just missing out on winning the Premier League the last few years things have been looking bleak for Tottenham as they secure the title for the ‘nearly’ team. This almost all changed last season when after a fantastic Champions League campaign lead to Tottenham securing their proper sniff of a trophy. As we all know it was a disappointment for Tottenham fans when Liverpool secured victory in a 2-0 victory to lift the greatest prize of them all.

The Spurs Spiral

Coming so close to winning the Champions League must have played a heavy toll on the Tottenham players to come so close but yet so far. This is potentially why Spurs have started the season so poorly currently sitting at 14th well into the bottom half of the table. Something had to change and unfortunately for manager Pochettino, he was that something.

Out of nowhere on the 19th of November Spurs sacked Mauricio Pochettino leaving Spurs fans worried for the future of the club. However, almost as quickly as one went out, another came in this time in the form of ex-Chelsea and United manager Jose Mourinho. A shock for all and an interesting decision from all parties that could pay off as Mourinho has more Trophy’s himself as the club does.

The future of the club

What could be next for Tottenham then? There is no doubt that they already have a very strong team which has been proven season to season. However, Mourinho wouldn’t have joined the club without the promise of a healthy budget for the future. This means we could see big European names such as ex-Tottenham man Gareth Bale and Portuguese midfield sensation Bruno Fernandez to name a few. The addition of these new players would no doubt get the fans on side, motivate the team and unlock the first door to a successful future of the club. There’s no doubt it’s an exciting time to be a Spurs fan and only time will tell if this huge (if not a bit rash) decision to sack the stable Poch for a Mourinho who hasn’t had much success in recent years.