Who could be the first Premier League manager to be sacked


Roy Hodgson – Crystal Palace

Roy Hodgson could be favourite to be the first manager to be sacked after many issues have arisen this season. One of the major issues is that Hodgson could lose his dressing room as the main man Wilfred Zaha is denied a move away from Palace despite many offers for him. Zaha has been arguably their best player for the last few seasons and is now a major influential player in the club. If the manager starts to lose games Zaha may be the one to start criticising. Just like Manchester United’s Paul Pogba last season with José Mourinho, we could see a similar thing with Roy Hodgson.

Despite the drawing the first game with Everton this season, the bookmakers have rated that he will be the first manager to be sacked this season. As the season begins to progress eyes on Roy Hodgson may increase furthermore as we look to see who will be the first manager to be sacked.


Frank Lampard – Chelsea

After losing his first game against Manchester United 4-0, many people believe Lampard could be on his way out of the club very soon. Lampard hasn’t been able to sign any players due to the transfer ban imposed on the club and has only been able to have new signings Mateo Kovačić and Christian Pulisic who were already confirmed last season. This puts Lampard in a very difficult position as he can’t improve his squad in the way he would like. As a result many people have predicted Chelsea to finish lower than usual this season making Lampard likely for the boot.

However, Lampard has some aspects that might keep him from the sacking. One key aspect is that his job isnt a very popular one. The simple fact they can’t sign any players this season may deter many managers from wanting the job. As well as this, Lampard has been seen as the perfect man for the job. His successful season last year in the Championship with Derby saw him promote many youth talents such as Liverpool’s Harry Wilson and Chelsea’s Mason Mount, who saw much success over the course of the season. This will help him in this job as he can promote many of Chelsea’s shining youngsters such as Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount. On to of this, Chelsea looked strong in the first half of their first fixture and actually the scoreline does not reflect that of their performance at all.

ole gunner

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Manchester United

Probably one of the least likely out of the three to be sacked, Ole is still one of the favourites to be sacked by the Bookmakers. This could be because of United’s record of sacking managers in recent years, going through 3 managers and a caretaker since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. However, Ole’s job looks pretty secure as Manchester United started the season with a strong 4-0 win against Chelsea. United looked strong with their defence being at the forefront of this. As the season continues, Manchester United look like they can rival for top 4 which wouldn’t be a bad result for the club after finishing 6th last season. Although for some Manchester United fans this might not be the position they want and faith in Ole may drop.