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Guide to writing an article to feature on our website

Our goal is to make Footballness the ultimate go-to Football Blog covering all aspects of the beautiful game. Anybody can write for Footballness, no matter who they support.

So, if you have ever thought about writing about Football and are looking towards Footballness as a site you want to be a part of, here are a few simple guidelines to abide by in order to create that perfect article.

The following points are a suggestion as to how you could construct an article for our website. It’s not the only way you can go about creating an article, in fact, we welcome creativity, but let it work as a guide for you.


We’d generally like articles to be a minimum of 600-1000 words, that should give our readers enough content to make reading the articles worth their valuable time.

Love writing? In very exceptional circumstances, you may feel that you need more space for your article. We will definitely work with you on that but prefer you did an interview or researched article, if you do think that you need 3 or 4 pages, go for it.

In cases where your article features a lot of stats or visuals, try to keep the word count towards the minimum but still be descriptive. Hopefully, that will mean that people won’t get sick of reading it (We wouldn’t want that).


We generally want to keep the blog easy to read and amusing for our readers. There’s nothing worse than a good idea ruined by a rambling introduction and a rushed two-line conclusion. Be clear and concise, try to group your ideas into logical sections, and give each section equal weight within the article. (You know all the usual editor stuff)

For example: If I were to write an article for submission featuring 600-words and titled What’s so great about Nike football boots, I might split it into the following sections (word limits for each section in brackets):

  1. Introduction (100)
  2. An example of what’s so great about Nike football boots (100)
  3. Another example Showing what’s so great about Nike football boots (100)
  4. Actually, football boots aren’t that great (100)
  5. Conclusion (100) Actually they are pretty good.


Pages of solid text won’t tickle anyone’s fancy. Try to think about ways of making it more interesting – box-offs, quotes, statistics, lists, pictures, maps, cartoons, or anything else you can think of. Get creative and keep it light-hearted.

Bear in mind that mentioning current players or managers etc allows us to drop pictures in easily. If you do have a particular way you want your page to look just let us know. Or even include your own pictures if to give us a better feel of how you’ve envisioned the article looking on Footballness.


Try and make sure what you’re writing is accurate, by checking it is one less thing for us to worry about, and whilst getting spellings and facts wrong is nothing more than slightly irritating, we really appreciate it when people make our lives easier. One thing that is important, though, don’t write a single word that you can’t prove is true, or that you wouldn’t stand by in court we don’t want to be known as an untrustworthy site.


Try and save your article as a word doc as it keeps things simple for everyone involved.


The above guide exists to make your writing better and our lives easier, but it should never restrict you. Get creative because we’d love to feature your work.

If you’d like to include a link within your article, we will also be able to work something out.

If you are still interested in writing for us then please use the Contact Form to get in touch.