Arbitrage Betting on Football

Arbitrage betting, often referred to as “Arbing,” is a betting strategy used in various sports, including American football (NFL and college football). This approach involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of a game across different bookmakers to guarantee a profit regardless of the game’s result.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

  • Guaranteed Profit: Arbitrage betting is unique in that it’s a method of betting where the bettor places multiple bets to ensure a guaranteed profit, regardless of the game’s outcome.
  • Exploiting Odds Differences: The strategy hinges on finding odds discrepancies between different sportsbooks. By betting on all possible outcomes with the right odds, you can lock in a profit.

How Does Arbitrage Betting Work?

  • Identifying Opportunities: The first step is to find opportunities where the combined odds from different bookmakers allow for a guaranteed profit. This often requires comparing odds from multiple sportsbooks.
  • Calculating Bets: You need to calculate the exact amount to wager on each outcome to ensure profit. This involves some mathematical calculations to balance the bets proportionally across the different outcomes.
  • Placing Bets on All Outcomes: You place bets on all possible outcomes of the game (e.g., Team A win, Team B win, Draw) across different bookmakers. The idea is that the total payout from one outcome will cover all bets and still yield a profit.

Examples of Arbitrage Betting in American Football

  • Different Bookmakers, Different Odds: For example, one bookmaker has odds of 2.00 for Team A to win, and another bookmaker offers 2.10 for Team B to win. By placing the right amount on each outcome, you can ensure a profit regardless of who wins.

Strategies for Successful Arbitrage Betting

  • Fast Action: Speed is crucial in arbitrage betting, as odds can change quickly. You need to act fast once you’ve identified an arbitrage opportunity.
  • Use of Betting Tools: Many bettors use specialized software or tools to help identify arbitrage opportunities and calculate the necessary bets.

Why Try Arbitrage Betting?

  • Risk Mitigation: Arbitrage betting is attractive for its potential to reduce risk, as it’s not dependent on predicting the game’s outcome.
  • Profitability: While the profit margin might be small on each bet, these can add up over time, making it a potentially lucrative strategy.

Understanding the Risks

  • Account Limitations: Some bookmakers might limit or close accounts of players they identify as arbitrage bettors.
  • Rapidly Changing Odds: There’s a risk that odds might change after you’ve placed one part of your arbitrage bet but before you’ve completed the other bets.


Arbitrage betting in American football offers a way to potentially earn a profit through strategic, calculated betting across multiple bookmakers. While it requires diligence and swift action, it can be a rewarding approach for those looking to minimize risk in sports betting.