Hedge Betting on Football

Hedging in betting is a risk management strategy used in various sports, including American football, both at the NFL and college levels. This approach involves placing bets on different outcomes than your original bet to either guarantee a profit or minimize potential losses.

What is Hedging?

  • Risk Management Strategy: Hedging is like an insurance policy for your bets. It involves placing additional bets against your original wager to lock in profits or reduce the risk of a total loss.
  • Adapting to Changing Circumstances: This strategy is particularly useful in scenarios where the circumstances surrounding a game or bet have changed since the original wager was placed.

How Does Hedging Work?

  • Scenario of Hedging: Consider you have placed a Futures bet on a team to win the Super Bowl at the start of the season. As the season progresses and your team makes it to the Super Bowl, you might hedge by betting on the opposing team to win.
  • Balancing the Bets: The idea is to balance the potential winnings and losses across both bets. Regardless of the game’s outcome, you either make a profit or reduce the loss you would have incurred had you not hedged.
  • Calculating the Hedge Bet: Determining the amount to hedge involves calculating the potential winnings from your original bet and the amount you need to wager on the opposite outcome to guarantee a profit.

Examples of Hedging in American Football

  • Futures Bet Hedge: If you bet on a team to win the championship at the start of the season, you might hedge by betting on their opponent in the championship game.
  • Live Betting Hedge: During live betting, if the team you initially bet on is leading but starts to show signs of struggle, you might place a live bet on the opposing team to hedge.

Strategies for Successful Hedging

  • Timing is Crucial: The key to successful hedging is timing. Monitor the game and the odds closely to determine the optimal moment to place your hedge bet.
  • Risk vs. Reward Assessment: Carefully assess the potential profit versus the amount you’re willing to risk on the hedge bet.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with team news, player performances, and other relevant factors that might impact the game’s outcome.

Why Try Hedging?

  • Minimizes Losses: Hedging can help minimize losses if the game isn’t going in favor of your original bet.
  • Guaranteed Profits: In some cases, hedging can guarantee a profit, regardless of the game’s outcome.

Understanding the Risks

  • Reduced Winnings: While hedging can minimize risks, it also means that you might not win as much as you would have if you stuck with your original bet.
  • Complex Calculations: Getting the hedge bet right requires careful calculation to ensure that it’s a financially viable move.


Hedging in American football betting is a strategic way to manage risk and secure profits. It requires careful consideration and timing but can be a valuable tool in a bettor’s arsenal for navigating the uncertainties of sports betting.