Octopus Betting on Football

Octopus betting is a lesser-known but intriguing form of wagering in American football, both in the NFL and college games. This type of bet is not as common as other forms, but it offers a unique and engaging way to participate in football betting.

What is Octopus Betting?

  • Specific Player Focus: An Octopus bet typically revolves around a specific player’s performance in a game, particularly the quarterback. It combines elements of player prop betting with game outcome predictions.
  • Dual-Outcome Prediction: This bet involves predicting not only the outcome of the game (win or loss) but also whether a particular player, usually the quarterback, will have a direct hand in multiple touchdowns.

How Does Octopus Betting Work?

  • Selecting a Player and Outcomes: Choose a player and predict whether they will be instrumental in achieving multiple touchdowns (either passing or rushing) and if their team will win or lose.
  • Combined Outcome Wager: Your bet is on both the player achieving this specific performance and the team’s overall outcome. Both parts of the bet must be correct to win.
  • Understanding the Odds: The odds in Octopus betting can be high due to the specificity and difficulty of predicting both outcomes accurately.

Examples of Octopus Betting in American Football

  • Quarterback Performance: Betting that a quarterback will throw for at least two touchdowns and their team will win the game.
  • Defensive Player Scenario: In rare cases, betting that a defensive player will achieve a specific milestone, like multiple interceptions, and predicting the game outcome.

Strategies for Successful Octopus Betting

  • Player Analysis: Research the chosen player’s recent performance, skill set, and track record in similar game situations.
  • Team Performance Consideration: Evaluate the team’s overall performance, including offensive and defensive capabilities, to predict the game outcome.
  • Statistical Trends and Patterns: Look at historical data and trends that might inform the likelihood of the player and team achieving the predicted outcomes.

Why Try Octopus Betting?

  • High-Reward Potential: Due to its specific nature, successful Octopus bets can offer significant payouts.
  • Engaging Betting Experience: This betting type adds an extra layer of engagement, as it requires a deep understanding of a player’s role and impact on the game.

Understanding the Risks

  • Complexity and Unpredictability: Predicting both a specific player’s performance and the game outcome adds layers of complexity and unpredictability.
  • Not Widely Available: Octopus bets are not as commonly offered as other types of bets, limiting availability.


Octopus betting in American football presents a unique and challenging opportunity for bettors. It combines player performance prediction with the overall outcome of the game, offering potentially high rewards for those who can accurately forecast both.