Teaser Betting on Football

Teaser Betting is a popular betting strategy in American football, both in the NFL and college games. It’s similar to parlay betting but with a twist that gives the bettor an advantage in the form of point adjustments on spreads or totals.

What is Teaser Betting?

  • Altering Point Spreads and Totals: In a Teaser bet, you combine two or more football game bets and ‘tease’ or adjust the point spreads or totals in your favor. This adjustment makes it easier to win your bets but also affects the payout.
  • Trade-Off Between Advantage and Payout: While a Teaser bet gives you a better chance to win by moving the line in your favor, it also reduces the potential payout compared to a standard parlay.

How Does Teaser Betting Work?

  • Selecting Bets and Adjustments: Choose the games you want to bet on and decide how many points you want to adjust the spread or total. Common teaser adjustments are 6, 6.5, or 7 points.
  • Creating a Teaser Parlay: Combine your adjusted bets into one parlay bet. To win the teaser, all the individual bets in your parlay must be successful.
  • Placing the Bet: After creating your teaser, place your bet with the adjusted spreads or totals. The odds will be calculated based on the number of teams and points chosen for the teaser.

Examples of Teaser Betting in American Football

  • Adjusting the Spread: If the original spreads are Team A -10 and Team B -8, a 6-point teaser changes these to Team A -4 and Team B -2.
  • Teasing Totals: For over/under bets, if the totals are 50 and 47, a 6-point teaser could adjust them to 44 and 41, respectively.

Strategies for Successful Teaser Betting

  • Careful Selection of Games: Choose games where the point adjustment is likely to make a significant impact. Games with tight spreads are often good candidates.
  • Understanding Key Numbers: In football betting, certain numbers like 3 and 7 (common margins of victory) are crucial. Moving lines across these numbers can be beneficial.
  • Bankroll Management: As with all betting, manage your funds wisely, and don’t overextend on teaser bets.

Why Try Teaser Betting?

  • Increased Winning Odds: By adjusting spreads or totals, you increase your chances of winning each leg of the bet.
  • Strategic Flexibility: Teasers offer a strategic way to bet on favorites or underdogs with an added advantage.

Understanding the Risks

  • Lower Payouts: The trade-off for the increased likelihood of winning is that teaser bets typically offer lower payouts than standard parlays.
  • Still Need Multiple Wins: Like parlays, all bets in the teaser must win for the bet to pay out, which can be challenging even with adjusted lines.


Teaser Betting in American football offers an intriguing alternative to traditional parlays, allowing bettors to adjust spreads and totals for a better chance of winning. While it reduces risk, it also typically offers lower payouts, making it a strategic choice for savvy bettors.